Scootracer show

All kinds of hodgepodge are my speciality. So why not combining the latest collection of scooters with my Honda CBR and some heavy Harley-Davidson motorcycles?

There is a new place on the scooter map, located in Warsaw – the capital of Poland. Scootracer is located near a place known to all lovers of motorcycles from Milwaukee called Liberator.

Wine tasting, typical Italian appetisers, good music, freehand painting show performed by Drozd Design. I was feeling extremely nice to take part in this event.

I would like to greet all those with whom I had the pleasure to spend time during this unique party.

It was nice to meet so many automotive absorbed people, to chat over coffee and hang around on a pink scooter. I hope you enjoyed the stunt show I have performed and I hope that it warmed you up a little. Thank you for your applause and a great company, which lasted for the rest of the evening.

This would not be possible without the relentless crew who worked hard every day, not only on the organisation of the event inside the store, but also bravely fought with ice and snow outside the store to prepare the spot for my wheelies. Love you all!

Ewa can perform at any event. Powersports, automotive, openings, big and small events. See how it looks, learn about the requirements.

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