Cosplay —
The Sprocket Thief

I am full of different ideas in my mind.

“The Sprocket Thief” is the product of my imagination. It is a mixture of my few loves – travelling, searching and spending time in old, often abandoned and forgotten places and making them alive even for a while.

Looking for the appropriate spots for the recordings, I visited quite a distant part of Poland. I was searching such places that could be the background for my production and then I went there to have a look at them. I was keeping in touch with many people in this matter and I would like to thank all of them for devoting their time and energy. I was phoning, writing and travelling. In this video clip you can see a part of an enormous, beautiful and mysterious Modlin fortress. The thing that I also love is the opportunity of meeting wonderful and supportive people. While preparing this project I had a chance to meet, among the others, Paulina and Remigiusz from the Modlin fortress foundation. They are very positive young people with passion, open for the cooperation. I would like to thank you very much.

It was also for me the time of cooperation with many units and companies, which could easily transform their workplace into a creative field.

You can feel it. Everybody is in the appropriate place and time, being in their element, working all days without even a moment’s respite, very often in extreme conditions and in out-of-the-way places. They keep smiling despite being extremely exhausted. And with reason, irrational was operating a camcorder and creating special effects.

Besides, I don’t like anything being wasted. So, I keep on altering different things and after I don’t use them any longer, I give them to those who may need them. We have been practicing this exchange among the nearest and dearest for years.

The dress, that you can see in my video, is also the result of such a process of passing from one owner to the other. It spent many years in my wardrobe but I hoped that its “day of glory” would come. And it finally came. The dress was altered and I knew perfectly well what changes I wanted to introduce. I went to the dressmaker wearing a pinned dress to have it altered. An effect? It will be a pleasure to wear it again not only for the film purpose. Just think, it could have been thrown away into the rubbish bin.

I love conducting experiments. Each photo session and clip is an experiment which may profit with new ideas. It really gives a lot of satisfaction.

It may sound a little bit not modestly, but I love “The Sprocket Thief” atmosphere in which you can find a lot of elements I am closely related with such as for example driving Ursus tractor. The farm machines were the constant elements of my childhood, being a teenager and still exist in my life when I visit my grandparents, which happens very often.
I love country. Time flows there slowly, I can lie there in the grass long hours, walk bare-foot, and even tea prepared by my grandma tastes better. I still remember when in my childhood I had a lot of fun driving a tractor.

While repairing my motorbike it is often necessary to weld some parts and I usually accompany this process.

In the film I am wearing the old welding glasses of my uncles. As far as pink hair curlers are concerned, they used to accompany me, when I was a little girl. I loved to wear them doing my fancy hair-styles or dressing up. The other gadgets shown in the film are effects of searching the markets and shops. I visited a lot of such places and enjoyed all the beautiful, very often antique items. It was time of wonderful moments and shopping. It was also fun to play with fashion.

Nowadays, we can combine different elements from different styles. An unusual combination of a dress and heavy boots from Icon 1000 Elsinore collection made me feel excellent and unique.

Planning, realizing, recording, searching suitable places, clothes combination and editing the film gave me a lot of fun and joy. I can’t imagine that I will not follow this direction. That’s why I would like to make another part of “The Sprocket Thief“, but after a while.

“The Sprocket Thief” was planned from the very beginning. I will try to do my best to prepare another part of it.
My dear! I would like “The Sprocket Thief” to influence your lives in a positive way and to inspire your imagination. Everyone can interpret it in their own way. Watching “The Sprocket Thief” I would like you to forget about everyday reality and boring chores, to feel better – the same I felt editing this clip.

My dear! I would appreciate very much all your opinions not only the positive ones. It is very important for me being active, making dreams come true and helping those in need. I would like all of you to be happy, no matter where you are and what you do.

If you don’t like “The Sprocket Thief” so just try to find something positive after spending a few minutes in front of the computer screen and find inspiration somewhere else. I love all of you with all my heart and would like to thank you for being with me. It is important how we can support and help each other. It doesn’t cost much. Sometimes it’s only a good word or a nice gesture that can make the world become more beautiful.

I know that everything is possible and I’d like to give hope the others by doing what I love to do. We can become better and better, we can find and give the inspiration to the others. It is such a continuous love circle.


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Cut & edit: Ewa Pieniakowska