Welding the tank

I definitely spend more time with Adam in the garage than in any other place.

We prefer the smell of fuel to the smell of seething pots, grease on hands to lotion and pockets full of bolts to shiny jewelry.

We are the same, even though one of us recently breaks. Adam, because as of today this is the name of my bike (after I asked my fans on facebook what name should my machine have), he began to spit fuel through the depressurized tank. Fuel spilled on me each time I was riding the bike on the rear wheel. I do not mind the smell of fuel, but when the liquid is in it’s place.

Big thanks to JanekExtreme for welding the tank, to me for preparing the tank for welding and let’s not forget Ken and Barbie – the couple visible in the picture – who have sweeten my day!

Photos: Ewa Pieniakowska