What’s broken can be fixed

My bike is constantly serviced. Every, even the seemingly harmless symptom is always deeply analyzed.

In stunt riding, tinkering with bike is sometimes insightful, often leads to fury, is always a challenge and makes you use a lot of good but also fresh solutions.

This sport always required creative thinking not only useful in learning new tricks but also to maintain the machine in good condition and continue to adapt it to your style of riding and for learning the subsequent tricks.

Today’s training proceeded successfully. Only my fault could lead to a motorcycle crash. After a few runs and a 15 minute break, it was time for a few wheelies. After several seconds after the last ride my bike just went out and didn’t start again. You know what happens when a motorcycle goes off while riding on the rear wheel while performing combos? Catapult is the appropriate term. After taking-apart the motorcycle, it turned out that one, tiny wire is responsible for the failure. Kris, who trained with me that day, found it out.

Kris fixed the failure for which I’m very grateful. Thanks to him I can train tomorrow!

Photos: Ewa Pieniakowska