Encounters with passion

To some extent, everything in life may be contagious. What really makes us what you are? What shapes us?

It might be everything – places, people, experienced events and situations.

Everybody wants to be sure that their choices are right and taken decisions will have good effects and bring a lot of joy and happiness.

But sometimes there are moments that make us come back to earth with a bump. Anyway, we must learn something important from every moment we experienced.
In many interviews I was asked a question – why stunt? What made me take up this sport. Sometimes one situation, one decision may cause us follow one direction. Can we be certain about it? Don’t forget that it must be the appropriate place and time. Every moment is good to change something for better. Even if we may not be aware of it, such a situation is often preceded by more or less important decisions.

Life is unpredictable and we are part of its crazy running. We can always introduce to our lives something good and fresh. Do not allow the daily routine overwhelm us. Let’s paint the grey reality into colors and take out of it everything, which is good, but in a reasonable way and with the distance to ourselves.

I love meeting and getting know new people. While dealing with this sport, I met a lot of wonderful people. But what was before taking up this sport? We have a great influence on our lives and who we are. Let’s get infected not only with the passion but also with the way of thinking and a life attitude to the others. Let’s love not only our passions but also passions of the other people. Whole life is the learning process and it depends only on us what to learn and who with.

I must emphasize once again – I adore people, because you can learn a lot from them and also make them learn something.

Everything, which surrounds us, influences us. If you don’t have any passion, let it get infected. You meet, communicate and correspond with many people who may inspire you. I know it’s not so easy and we have lack of time and always busy to meet fascinating people. But just look around. They are everywhere.

Everyone is exceptional no matter what their sex, age, skin color, hobbies or professions are. I have always looked up to disabled people, who struggle every day for their dignified life and for survival. Many regards to all of them, who I had a pleasure to meet at the events, social actions or projects. It’s wonderful to be able to share passion.

Accepting the invitation of “Meetings with passion” event, I shared my story, lifestyle and passion with all those, who came and attended the meeting. It enriched also all the amazing moments of my life. Kisses for the audience and thanks for a big applause for my stunt.

Ewa can perform at any event. Powersports, automotive, openings, big and small events. See how it looks, learn about the requirements.

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