For charity

How would our life look like without passion?

Lonely, blue, boring. When is it worth seeking your way of life? Always! What could be the problem? Nothing! Though often we are the obstacles ourselves.

Regardless of the age, origin, financial condition and a whole lot of other reasons that could in any way restrict us. Stop at a deadlock or stop you from moving mountains or the fulfilment of dreams. It’s worth trying.

It is never too late to breathe life into your life. To find a new, better sense. To shift a new gear. To enjoy your every day. Emanate with positive energy. Feel that you are in 7th heaven while others are looking for another excuse.

How wonderfully would it be to find passion from an early age and let it shape our life. Not everyone is so lucky.

You have to help the happiness. That is why I accepted the invitation to participate in the project “Fascinating World of Science and Technology – People with a passion”, which brings together about 400 Polish schools, to support Polish youth. Let’s do it!

A charity stunt show that I performed filled the day of little kids with smoke of burning tire, squealing drifts and wheelies. That allowed them to break away from the school benches for a while and be part of my passion. How was it? Wonderfully! I do not recall that I rode my machine on a school playground ever before!