German Stuntdays

Is there something better than watching stuntriders in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening?

From dusk till dawn. See their smiles under their helmets, smell the burning tires and feel the gas fumes in the air you are breathing. Train together, chat, and enjoy every moment spent together. Performing a show and bringing wheelies to the audience. I’m sending much love to all who were a part of German Stuntdays 2014.

International hugs with:

Nico Sauer – Germany
Martina Leven – Germany
Wojciech Styczyrz – Poland/Netherlands
Tricky Trix and Weronika – Poland/Germany
Breezy Rsixx – USA/Germany
Mike Jensen – Denmark
Benjamin Vinther Iversen – Denmark
Cedric Hiltebrand – Switzerland
Arnoud Visser – Netherlands
Bob Zwijnenburg – Netherlands

Ewa can perform at any event. Powersports, automotive, openings, big and small events. See how it looks, learn about the requirements.

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Cut & edit: Ewa Pieniakowska