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Safety above all

I wonder if it’s possible to associate this phrase with extreme sports.

And if so, how does it look compared to stunt riding? What can I do to be safe during my stunt sessions?

One thing is certain, I can never have a guarantee that I will end my training session without any crashes.

It is a wonderful feeling that we have done everything, which we were able to do to avoid such dangerous situations and stay intact in order to train wheelie the next day and derive pleasure from it.

Something which may help us to remain uninjured are professional motorcycle clothes. What’s more? It’s training in the traffic excluded areas. The appropriate preparation of the place is crucial, because this place will become arena full of smoke, roar of engine screech of tires during drifts and burnouts.

Talking about tricks, we shouldn’t forget that the stunt motorcycle wears out very quickly. So it requires, either necessary or protective, frequent exchanges of parts.
This time it was assembly of two new accelerator cords and a clutch. Taking this opportunity I’ve taken some photos.


Photos: Ewa Pieniakowska