Sounds of drifts!

Passions connect, and they develop our later interests. Owing to them we discover ourselves once again.

Sometimes they force us to cope with the situations we didn’t even dare to participate in. They are challenges, sometimes might be tiring but give us power and drive to be active. They show us how such powerful we are. They are tests, which we pass or fail, always educational. There is no doubt that we need to have passions. They enrich us in experiences. Not long ago I could convince myself about it once again.

The main reason for that I practice stunt riding is that I could share this passion with the others. I like to know people and spend time with the other stunt competitors. And it is not much important whether we train or rest after the training whether we sit somewhere else and drink tea or pack and set off in another route. The other things seem to be unimportant. I boil water for coffee, open the cupboard to take cups, and I feel happy.

There is only one world and so many nationalities. Everyone is different, but the passions can connect us. You don’t need to leave anywhere to feel you can fly. Sometimes the other stunt riders visit your country, and you can spend time with someone, whose abilities you could admire only on the screen of your computer.

On the training place, which is situated near my hometown I perform my stunts with special guests. You can hear drifts and roar of the engines cutting off from everywhere and smell the smoke of burning tire.

One moment and everything comes to life – the place is crowded not only with our motorbikes but also with scattered protectors, keys, fuel tanks or taken victuals. The very moment makes our friends or acquaintances or even strangers come there. The presence of the visitors from the capital of Japan added splendor to my stay in my hometown.

Hiroyuki “Oga” Ogawa and Tomoaki Nakano came to Niemodlin from Tokyo. Very nice, pleasant and powerful, they were interested in our Polish realities. It was worth waiting for such an inspiration whole year round.

“Fast and furious” – these words can only describe what Oga and my cousin $tunter13 showed each day. Hiroyuki, always smiling and calm, when he wears his helmet his eyes are becoming similar to the samurai’s preparing for battle. He represents fast and aggressive style of riding. Observing his struggle on the stunt spot while I was sitting on my motorbike and waiting for my turn I was thinking about the questions I wanted to ask him.
You might be interested how long he has been practicing this sport and what bikes he used. He has been involved in this sport for 11 years. His first stunt bike was JOG, scooter with 50cc of capacity. The next was Kawasaki D-Tracker 250cc, which is very popular stunt bike in Japan.

Nowadays Oga is riding Kawasaki ZX-6R (2003-2004) and he is very satisfied with it. He declares that he loves Poland and he wants to visit us in a year. I must admit I am looking forward to it. Especially to our mutual rides. You could see our first attempts in the photos. Team ICON in action!
We called Tomoaki Nakano “Marcin” because his nickname sounds similar but it is too difficult to pronounce it, not to mention to write it. Marcin told us a lot about himself. He was born and brought up in the town of Futaba in Fukushima prefecture. You must have remembered tsunami of 2011 and atomic power plant leak.

Futaba is the town which disappeared that moment and nowadays is deserted. Tomoaki lost everything. He appreciates very much the kindness of people who didn’t let him down. Nowadays he lives in Tokyo and deals with the wedding photography but wants to develop sport photography as well. He attends the cinematographic school. He is fascinated by the modern technology and special effects. He likes people’s stories and he wants his works to be masterpieces. He is very ambitious so I’m sure he can achieve it.

The men got known each other 6 years ago at the stunt spot. Marcin started to ride being inspired by Oga’s stunt show. Now he travels with Oga and makes documentaries from even the small trips.
Both Oga and Marcin try to speak Polish and they are good at it. We just try to pronounce and remember few Japanese words.

Sekkyokuteki! Over and out!