Tank girl

All the activities connected with my photo session fill me up with the positive energy and all the props accompanied me on the set are not chosen by chance.

The inseparable element of my trainings is the set of protective pads and I owe it so much. Despite frequent falls, my knees and elbows are still intact and I am able to ride and continue my trainings. Apart from giving protection, I appreciate their comfort. I can put them on and take them off easily, which is essential while getting prepared to the stunt and during the breaks between trainings.

That is why ICON WOMEN’S STRYKER VEST, STRYKER ELBOW ARMOR i STRYKER KNEE ARMOR “performed” and starred in my photo session.

I could not resist the temptation of using on the set some gadgets taken from the shed of my uncles. It means 10-year-old grind, 20-year-old wood saw, a chain to the motor saw and 40-year-old steel circular blade.

In order to reveal some behind-the-scenes secrets, I must admit, that holding in one hand 10 kg weight grind and standing still stony-faced for a long time, was a real challenge for me, not to mention a sharp saw chain around my neck, biting my skin.

The shoes shown in the photos survived many years in a abandoned, dark, cold cellar corner. I used to wear them as a teenager. I managed, by some miracle, to find them and make them alive – not only shoes but also memories. I must admit that they enriched the industrial fallout style of the session.

In such a way I combined two worlds – the current one and this I used to live in long time ago.

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