The First Day of Spring

How to celebrate the first day of spring?

Just do what you love to do the most. It’s the best way to celebrate every special day. I had a pleasure to perform a stunt show in my hometown. I did a lot of noisy drifts and scary burnouts to make sure that winter won’t come back this year!

Let the 2014 spring be the best spring ever! After my show the local motorcycle team took Marzanna for a ride around the city! It is a variant of an ancient pagan tradition in Poland. It requires the drowning of the “witch” called Marzanna – a puppet made especially for the occasion. It is a tradition for people to make dolls that are meant to resemble winter, and then take them out into water or burn them on this day.

Ewa can perform at any event. Powersports, automotive, openings, big and small events. See how it looks, learn about the requirements.

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