Zebra making-of

Why do I like the pink color? Because this color shouts loudly telling us that the burnout or wheelie is currently being done by a woman.

You don’t need to look out for wisps of hair escaping from under her helmet, which hid spitefully under her jacket to be convinced that this is a woman. 

In my country this color is associated with women, stunters from the other countries use the elements of this color in their image or outlook of theirs motorcycle. You must have remember K1 – the wonderful stunter from the USA, whose distinctive color was pink. And that’s the point – to do everything according to their decisions. With passion. In order to express themselves and in order to find in it realization and happiness.

I think you should have a lot of distance to yourself to be identified with a color which often causes emotions. My F4i felt fantastic wrapped in pink during 2 seasons. An enormous amount of work to stick the adhesive foil to it was being done by the extraordinary women Joanna Juszkiewicz from AtArt co. Thank you Joanna.

And then it was time to introduce wild changes into my steel beast image. Bye my sweetie, welcome the beast. Maybe I exaggerate a little bit with this beast. The mammal called Equus, living in the grassy areas of Africa, south of Sahara desert, with characteristic stripes on its white or yellowish coat can’t be a beast. Now, you know which color and pattern my motorcycle wears. Zebra for the win!

I must admit that with nowadays possibilities of colors, patterns and techniques the choice wasn’t easy. I haven’t been able to make up my mind for a long time. Even if you can find the inspiration everywhere it’s hard to make a decision. I had a brainwaive when I saw a new ICON collection. The gloves ICON1000 CATWALK took my breath away. That moment I knew perfectly well that I would choose a zebra line.

To accomplish that you need a lot of professionals. I was lucky that they found me and only a few of them I had to look for myself. You can’t explain using only words how much joy and happiness gives me the cooperation with these really hardworking and devoted to their work people. The change of my motorcycle image wouldn’t be possible without the innovative technology of hydrographics – the water transferring of patterns into the motorcycle elements.

The responsible person was Adam Stefański from HYDROSTYL.PL, who was totally 100% devoted to his passion. He was working very quickly but precisely. If you are keen on covering your motorcycle and not only with daring patterns I can recommend Adam. He will deal with it.

The exceptional team dealing with my motorcycle rims was RENOWACJAFELG.PL. Not only did Przemek and Marcin match the color and joined it with polished borders but also improved the quality of rims. Never before were my wheels in such a perfect condition. There are no rims for this Warsaw team, which they cannot restore and give the other lifer.

The next step was to put the motorcycle parts together. I was in seventh heaven to put my motorcycle among all these shining and beautiful motorcycles from Milwaukee in the Liberator showroom. I was working hard with my “zebra” but some more difficult matters couldn’t be solved without the manager of the service and a real handyman in one – Michał Zieliński.

The whole project surpassed my expectations. I found on my way the amazing people, incredible professionals.

The ICON helmet is the crown – the only AIRMADA model in the zebra painting, made as a special order.

All this process which I’ve described above you can watch in a clip especially prepared by me.


Cut & edit: Ewa Pieniakowska